Takeaways: Artscapism (London Edition)

In advance of traveling to London art fairs & galleries last week, I saw an overwhelming range of content on social channels. Like most people, I’ve been attempting to digest sad and fearful news. Thanks to my algorithm, I’ve also seen many memes mocking the art world and its ability to live in an alternate […]

Takeaways: art fairs.

WHAT IS AN ART FAIR?Art fairs. Who? What? Why? Let’s simplify with a brief but concise history lesson. Contemporary Art Fairs give the impression of new, cool and inclusive. In fact, Art fairs have been around for longer than you think and their model has been around even longer: a marketplace where you pay to […]

Inaugural Group Show by Lio Projects

Press Release | Duality by Lio Projects April 1 – April 29, 20231444 Dupont St., #10, Toronto, ON Lio Projects is pleased to present the group show: DUALITY. This inaugural exhibition will include new paintings by Ash Holmes, Naomi Clark and Saxon Quinn as well as new sculptural works by Dan Covert and Solem Ceramics […]


Paris is always a good idea.


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