Collecting Art for friends.


For your friends

Over the years, I have often gifted artwork for milestones, holidays or just because it reminded me of that person. Often people think it is too personal but it’s a wonderful gift because it is personal. My recommendations are similar to those collecting for the first time.

First off, do your due diligence. Ask a lot of questions, document the purchase and go to a trusted source. Second, start small and have a clear budget in mind for that friend or family member especially if you plan to frame them as well. Third, consider all mediums. Ceramics, small sculptures and works on paper are interesting and can add a lot of character to a space. 

A few artists that come to mind are Kristin Texeira’s small scale works. Texeira’s small scale works always feel like a deep conversation with a friend. Mixed in her studio, the super rich palette is applied in a thick layer with a palette knife. Cody Hudson’s small steel sculptures that replicate his larger murals and site specific works. Anastasia Greer’s stretch raw silk works. They are Graphic but with the gentle incorporation of hand-sewn material  these pieces evoke curiosity and playfulness.

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